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Gone are the good old days of printed news. Like many other things, we also read the news in the electronic form nowadays. Although electronic media or websites have many advantages, they have some disadvantages also.

On the positive side, headlines are constantly being updated with new information. So, we are always staying up to date on the happenings of the entire world. On the negative side, nobody can regulate the online portals. They can publish fake information and get away with it. Today, we will list some of the most reliable sites for getting news articles.


The news sites flooded over the internet are mostly auto blogging sites that are a replica of the printed newspaper. They might be lone publication or updated like dailies.

These news sites cover a wide variety spread over the niche. The widely classified below:

  • Linguistic News sites:

News site made in regional languages and are meant for people using that particular language. These sites generally gather news based on that linguistic region

  • National New Site:

News sites dealing with the news & information of a particular nation

  • News site on a particular interest or niche:

The sites that deal with all lead on a particular interest in politics, sports, technology & so on.

  • Common Gossip & Insiders:

These sides are more inclined towards AdSense earning or affiliate promotion with click baits & viral infographics of No deposit casinos sites like Fortunefrenzy.co.uk


  • Times Of India

They are one of the most well-known printed media out there. Their website is also pretty good for getting updated articles. You will also find many pieces which are not there in the paper itself. If you don’t have the time or patience required to read the whole newspaper, visit the website here – TOI.

  • The Hindu

This one can do wonders if you are preparing for jobs. It can help you with –

  • Current Affairs.

You should always try to read the editorials first. They are also probably one of the few unbiased portals out there. Just download the app or visit the site – Hindu.

  • NDTV

It is one of the biggest tv channels in India. You can find relevant, up to date news articles on their website. From Bollywood to Tollywood and from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, they cover all parts of India. Visit them once – NDTV News.

  • First post

You should definitely try out the tech part of this website. Their technology articles have a good standard. Check for yourself – Firstpost.

  • Wall Street Journal

Just after opening the home page, you will find relevant information about –

  • Stock markets of different countries across the world.
  • Crude oil prices.

News articles are written with a professional attitude and usually contain lucid information. Decide for yourself here – WSJ.

  • Scroll

First of all, prepare yourself for some of the most biased articles you can find. Although their writing quality is good, the bias can sometimes put you off for better or worse. Pay them a visit – Scroll.

  • Telegraph

They are one of the oldest and trustworthy sources in the entire world. You will find two different websites of Telegraph. While one is focused on Indian news, the other one is more focused on overseas part. Most of the time, articles contain some difficult words. This can be a bummer as those words sometimes make the articles hard to understand.


With the world on the verge of going online, each and every second is moving faster. Those days of waiting to get the updated news next morning or waiting for the radio broadcast are long. With the introduction of the smartphones & easy availability of internet these sites have definitely exploited the markets. Some of the aspects & advantages that these news sites have in the daily life are as follows:

  1. Frequent News Update with a notification
  2. Easy matching & cross-matching of the information
  3. No hectic surfing, lurking
  4. Well classified sections separating each & every news of different categories
  5. Time-saving option by avoiding the irrelevant advertisement. 


The news is getting fabricated very much nowadays. We have seen owners of a website getting arrested for publishing fake news. Political bias and communal bias are destroying the standards. We have listed some of the best websites of different flavors above.


News websites are too popular these days. The popularity is just not for the simple reason that they present the news in an organized & a palatable manner, but also the perfect timings that are maintained especially in presenting the breaking news. They are proving to be a great challenge to the broadcast journalism. The news websites have an advantage over copyright versions and a high security. So be linked with your favorite news site to get the latest updates